Rustic Furniture for That Warm, Cozy Atmosphere

Rustic Furniture for That Warm, Cozy Atmosphere

Rustic Classics Living Right Where You Are

There are a lot of different decorating styles from Post Modern, French Provincial, Victorian and many more. One trend in today's design world is a rustic look. Think log cabin, woodsy patterns, natural colors and simple highlights.

Nature Meets Urban

When you live in North America, especially the Pacific Northwest, the Rustic style is very appealing. Folks may have a summer house they have decorated in this style. Alternatively, maybe a summer house is just a dream. Never fear! The Rustic style is not just for summer homes anymore. Anyone can decorate their home or a selection of rooms or even just a space in a Rustic design.

Whether you live in a flat, condominium or a city house you can have the Rustic style at your fingertips. Finding a spot of nature in a big metropolitan area is difficult sometimes. Finding the space to appreciate a nature hike or enjoy a picnic typically calls for a trip outside the city or maybe a suburban park. What if you could transform your bedroom into a natural oasis, a place where you can enjoy Rustic designs in a quiet, peaceful setting? Create a camp-style setting that brings memories of times spent in nature.

Presenting Rustic Classics

You are invited to visit Rustic Classics  ( ) and peruse the online catalog. A quick view will tell you these beds and bedroom suites are made to give you that outdoor camp style backdrop. The beautiful Ponderosa pine has the characteristic knots. There are a couple of color palettes to choose from such as amber wash and rustic gray.

The bedroom suites not only help you achieve the outdoorsy style you want, but they are solid Ponderosa pine, built in North America. Quality and craftsmanship are built into every product to provide value. There are several configurations from bunk beds to daybeds and captain beds. There are storage drawers in several of the beds to help you organize your clothes and personal items. You can also choose from dressers, chest of drawers, desks and other pieces to enhance your bedroom setting. Add in some rustic bedding with natural colors and designs. Voila!  You just created the oasis you have always wanted.

Modern Natural Designs, Rustic Retreat

You do not have to wait until you have that cabin in the woods! You can create your Rustic Classics retreat right in your home. A nice selection of bedroom suites from which to choose will help you design a space that is inviting yet functional, practical yet in touch with nature, and natural yet modern in today's rustic designs. Visit Rustic Classics  and start designing your private nature retreat today!

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